Unix & Linux Survival Guide for Data Science etc.

Posted on Mon 21 February 2022 in TDDA • Tagged with tests, cartoon

Cheat-sheet for unix and linux

PDF Version (A4)

PDF Version (Letter)

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One Tiny Bug Fix etc.

Posted on Wed 16 February 2022 in TDDA • Tagged with tests, cartoon

White Cat: The tests have failed again. Black Cat: Did you change the code? White Cat: No! Black Cat: Really? White Cat: I just fixed on TINY BUG in a COMPLETE DIFFERENT part of the code. There's NO WAY that could cause this!

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Constraint Generation in the Presence of Bad Data

Posted on Thu 21 September 2017 in TDDA • Tagged with tdda, constraints, discovery, verification, suggestion, cartoon, bad data

Bad data is widespread and pervasive.1

Only datasets and analytical processes that have been subject to rigorous and sustained quality assurance processes are typically capable of achieving low or zero error rates. "Badness" can take many forms and have various aspects, including incorrect values, missing values, duplicated entries, misencoded …

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